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Chi siamo

Info Band: Jaguar (guitar), Gloria (Guitar), Elias (Bass), Lou (Drums)
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Booking: Mob. (+39) 347.572.5184


The band is probably the most southern surf band in Europe. It was born in Catania from recondite spaces in Jaguar's mind in 2004. The band has changed many line-ups, but only Lou, the first and professional drummer, gave to the band the special drum impact of a surf band.


Musical point of reference of the band are American classics like: Ventures, Dick Dale, Lively Ones, Jon & The Nightriders. Also European surf instrumentals like: Shadows, Mustangs, Pipeline 61, Jaguars and why not also instrumental surf from far east like Yuzo Kayama and Royal Fingers with a wink to sci-fi, and strip-tease music. The groove is given by a white Fender Jaguar Olimpic White with flatwound pyramidal 0.13 strings, the ones used in the sixties. Sometimes this guitar is alternated by a Dick Dale signed by the King in person, a Burns fiesta (made in England), a Black face Fender with two JBL of 15" speakers, the classic reverb unit Fender with N.O.S. TUbe valves, an eco Binson Echorec unit, a Ludwig drum set (Black Oyster) and a wonderful Fender Jazz Bass guitar. Finally a line-up that can play surf music by the Mediterranean sea.


Now with the new element (Gloria: rhythmic & solo guitar) the sound is more aggressive in the style of Man or Astroman and with many points of reference to American punk music of the 1977. All the components of the band have been playing around Italy and Europe. Discography includes some songs that were featured in unobtainable foreign compilations. Last year Jaguar & The Savanas, recorded 10 new songs on a 120 gr vinyl for Monster records which will be coming up very soon.

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